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Upgrade Project Scope
Summary of Supermassive CMS Upgrade
James Kent, Supermassive.NET
The Supermassive CMS is a low-profile content-management system built by Supermassive.NET in PHP/MySQL for Apache/Linux environment. It allows non-technical users to install the CMS, create a user account and post public and private "listings" in the form of blogs, image uploads, link libraries, etc. The CMS functions as a multi-user collaborative blogging tool and content management system for creating rich web media, corporate intranets, data archives, rapid web publishing, and simple web commerce. The current release is approximately 38 PHP files and a single DB with 32 tables. It was built with optimized efficiency in mind, and simplicity and object-oriented efficiency is the goal of this CMS profile.

The Supermassive CMS is currently deployed in alpha on a handful of site and upgrades are needed to clean-up to codebase and add minimal user requirements for wider release. One or more programmers are needed to help streamline and build-out existing codebase to make end-user experience as simple and non-technical as possible. This includes a complete sweep of each page in the site to add missing functionality and get code up to release standards, plus create a "one-click install" script or similar setup method for easy multi-site deployment.

The following technical skills will be necessary:

- PHP 4.0 and 5.0
- MySQL Query Language
- CPANEL and PHPMyAdmin
- Javascript
- Object-Oriented AJAX

Code development and testing will be done on a server provided by Supermassive.NET.

Coders must adhere to variable naming protocols for ease of human readability.

Coders must adhere to inline comment protocols and version history logging for ease of use and workflow tracking.

Posted By jamesk at 2008-06-06 18:27:10 | permalink
Keywords: cms, upgrade, project, scope

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